YouTube Channel Art Template

YouTube’s channel art has gone through many changes over the years. The current recommended size by YouTube is 2560px x 1440px, and no larger than 2mb. Even though the recommended size for your photo is rather large, you will not be able to see most of the image unless you are viewing the channel art from a television screen (like through the YouTube app for Xbox).

Channel Art Template For YouTube

The channel art has a responsive design on desktop computers, meaning that the image will scale to reveal more content on larger browser windows.

While accommodating larger size screens, there is also a minimum size at which point the image will no longer scale. When scaled all the way to its minimum, the channel art will be 1546px X 423px. YouTube claims that this is the “Safe Area,” given that text and logos will not be cut off, but I have found that this is not entirely true. Even though the image may display the area that is in the 1546px x 423px area, it is by no means safe. The logo that sits on top of your channel art is 100px x 100px and has a left margin of 15px. This means as the image scales, 115px to the left will be obscured by the logo, and since the image that is displayed at the lowest screen size is actually 638px x 176px and not the 1546px x 423px that YouTube claims, there will be a considerable amount of scaling done to the image, which makes that 115px to the left cover much more of your image than you may have anticipated.

Logo Covers YouTube Safe Area

The Safe Area is not Safe!

At the maximum desktop size, the channel art area to use is 2560px X 423px and the actual display size is 1060px x 176px. As you can see, the channel art banner will only grow in width and not in height. This means that the “SAFE AREA” will always be visible and the areas to the right and left might be visible depending on the viewer’s browser size.

Full Desktop Size YouTube Channel Art

YouTube recommends an image size of 2560px x 1440px to fit all television sizes. Even though only a small portion of the image shows on mobile and desktop, when someone views from a television the entire image will be shown.

Television and Xbox YouTube Channel Art

Important Info at a Glance:

YouTube Recommended Channel Art Size: 2560 x 1440

YouTube Channel Art Max File size: 2 MB

Total Size: 2560px x 423px though the actual YouTube art at maximum size displays at 1060px x 176px

Safe Area: 1546px X 423px centered on the image. Remember on smaller screen sizes the logo may cover the “Safe Area”.

Flexible Area: 507px to the left and 507px to the right of the safe area, may be visible depending on the screen size.

Even though the channel art safe area height is 423px, YouTube displays the image at a height of 176px on desktop. To achieve the smaller size, the image is scaled and not cropped.

Logo is always affixed to the top of the image 15px away from the left most margin and will cover a portion of the safe area.

Download the YouTube Channel Art Template

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