Greg and I have been working pretty hard lately. (Even more so than usual.)

So much so that when I saw the graphic below, I burst out laughing:

the entrepreneur's work week

It’s the truth for a lot of us. Especially in the early years — you pour your heart and soul into your company, along with a lot of incredibly long hours.

It’s hard to break out of that mold. But one of the first and most important steps to ending your never-ending work week is to learn how to delegate.

That may sound easy, but it’s not as straightforward as it sounds. Most solo and duo entrepreneurs take great pride in the quality of their work or the speed of its turnaround. It becomes a lot harder to control that when you bring employees into the equation. You need to learn how to manage based on other people’s needs and skill sets.

That’s not an easy adjustment to make, but it is essential when you are trying to grow.

To make it work, you must establish processes which can be followed by everyone, to maintain quality controls and ensure that everything is done on time. You must open lines of communication and develop a company culture (not to mention taking on the added challenges related to finance, insurance, and other assorted kinds of paperwork).

We’re still in the early stages of growing CT Social, and it doesn’t seem like the never-ending work week is getting any shorter just yet. But the glimmer of possibilities are on the horizon, and that’s makes this an exciting time all the same.

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