The Client:

Getting through your teenage years is tough, and what you experience before you turn 18 can affect the course of the rest of your life. The Youth Ministry Institute (YMI) knows that– and their mission is to ensure that the ministers who work with youth groups have the skills and support to be effective in helping young people to grow.

Because few youth ministers ever receive formal training, YMI steps in to provide that knowledge, offering regular trainings and discussion groups. Over the years, their teaching methods have helped to reduce youth minister turnover at churches throughout Florida.

Here’s what their website looked like when we first met them:


website development for religious and secular nonprofits

The Mission:

After nearly ten years of successfully training youth ministers throughout Florida, YMI is expanding to a Midwest location and found themselves in need of a website which would better represent their growing organization.

YMI was looking for something that would be easy to update, and that would serve the needs of their growing base of students nationwide, including continuing education through blog posts and videos, facilitating applications and recruitment, and posting job listings for youth ministers.

Here’s what we helped them create:


website redesign for nonprofit organizations

The Project:

Over the course of this five-month project, we worked in close partnership with the leadership of the Youth Ministry Institute to create an interactive website, incorporating a range of different features to meet their goals.

We determined early on that, in order for the site to be scalable for YMI’s expanding organization, we needed to create one main website for the central organization, as well as two regional websites for the Florida and Midwest branches. The central website would serve as an introduction to YMI’s mission, services, and structure. The regional sites would serve as a hub of useful information for current and prospective students in a given area, highlighting events and relevant regional information.

Like many of our clients, the Youth Ministry Institute valued the ability to update their own website without outside support. As a result, we placed a high priority on delivering a thoroughly user-friendly website, along with an informative user manual which has allowed them to update nearly every part of the website’s content without assistance from us. We know we’ve done a good job when we’re only called to make basic repairs or develop new upgrades to the website!

Features worth noting:

  • LOCATIONS – an interactive map on the main site, directing visitors to each regional YMI website
  • JOB BOARD  – browse for youth ministry job openings by geography or position title, as well as providing the option to submit a resume for consideration
  • NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE – displays previous newsletters sent to connect students and supporters with the ongoing work of the Youth Ministry Institute