The Client:

It’s easy to think of massage as a simple relaxation technique, but it is also a highly effective way to treat certain medical conditions. Balance Massage & Structural Bodywork in the College Park neighborhood of Orlando focuses on therapeutic massage techniques, aimed at reducing pain and improving physical performance for athletes.

With excellent reviews on both Yelp and Google, the Balance web presence has been improving steadily over time, but they are always looking for opportunities to improve their website’s SEO opportunities and its value to potential clients.

The Mission:

After working with Balance on other maintenance and content projects for a year, we proposed the creation of a ‘body map’ for the website to create a more visual navigation option for the treatment services that Balance offers. The idea was to:

  • Invite repeat user interaction
  • Guide potential clients toward booking an appointment
  • Strengthen website SEO with additional content

interactive infographics for wordpress

The Project:

Before starting the project, we worked with the Balance team to identify what kind of design would appeal to their primary client demographics. Over the course of a couple of rounds of designs, we created a sketch of a middle-aged woman with a normal body shape and appropriate clothing for a massage appointment.

Balance helped us create a list of conditions to be displayed as callout points on the body map, and worked with us to place the callouts in appropriate locations. Using the existing content pages on the website as a reference, we drafted short unique (and keyword-friendly) descriptions of each condition to use for the callout points.

We developed the Body Map Plugin within the WordPress CMS, allowing all of the content within the body map to be easily updated at any time. It can also be embedded within any page on any website, making it shareable content that will send visitors back to the Balance website via the ‘Learn More’ links on the map.