Maybe you’ve never been able to update your website on your own. Maybe your design is hopelessly out of date and most visitors leave quickly. Or maybe your code is working against your search ranking opportunities.

There are all kinds of reasons why you might feel like it’s time to update your website.

Fortunately, we can help to address all of them, because we make websites that work as hard as you do.


We believe that all our clients should be able to update their websites on their own.

We also believe that too many agencies make that process too difficult.

That’s why we build the majority of our sites using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). We’re comfortable working with Drupal, Joomla, Typo3, and others too, but WordPress continues to offer our clients the best combination of functionality and a user-friendly interface.

To make sure our clients are comfortable with their new website, we provide an in-depth training upon website delivery, and even follow up with a detailed photographic user guide for easy reference and ongoing management.


Yes, we use WordPress– but that doesn’t mean we use cheap templates to cut corners.

In fact, all of our websites are custom designed by one of our expert design team members, and developed from scratch as well, with custom plugins and post types. The majority of them use fewer than three third-party plugins… and even those are carefully evaluated for their usability, stability, and security so our clients can be confident too.


Interactive features are not just about adding some social media buttons and an embedded video to your website. It’s not just about fancy effects, either.

Rather, building an interactive website is about giving your visitors something to do– something that they will remember because they were able to become a part of the process.

We make a habit of incorporating interactivity into our websites whenever possible as a way to creatively display content and encourage decision-making.


You’re glued to your phone and tablet at most hours of the day and night. So are your customers. So are we.

With wearables hitting the market and mobile device sales still on the rise, we are already entrenched in the era of mobile computing. If your website has not been optimized accordingly, you could be unintentionally frustrating your customers– or missing out on new ones who may have tried to find you while on the move.

All CT Social websites come with a mobile optimization plan. If you want us to prioritize a mobile design or specific mobile platform for your site, we can do that. Most simply need the flexibility of a responsive website, which adjusts to handle the majority of screen sizes.

Your website is the Internet real estate you really control. Let’s build an amazing website experience together.

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