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LinkedIn. Facebook. Google+. Instagram. Twitter. Pinterest. Tumblr. YouTube. Vimeo.

The list of social networks that you are ‘supposed’ to be on never seems to end. And it seems like new ones are cropping up nearly every day.

Whether you are a business owner, a marketing manager, a sales representative, an account manager, or an entrepreneur, there comes a point when you have to wonder: can I really find success through social media, or is it just a rumor?

The truth is that social media success (from a goal-oriented point of view) doesn’t always revolve around lots of followers or tons of shares. There are all kinds of ways to be successful on social media. The trick is to figure out which one is right for you, and learn how to make the most of it with great content and a brand-appropriate attitude.

That’s where we come in: helping you to figure out the right way to manage your social media personality and achieve your goals.


We firmly believe that no agency can do your social media better than you. No marketing team can be more creative than a passionate owner or employee, because no one knows more about the day to day details that build a genuine personality.

Sometimes, though, you can benefit from some extra help to draw out those creative juices. Sometimes it’s nice to have someone show you the cool tips and useful strategies that often only become apparent with practice.

Since 2012, we have been training businesses and nonprofit organizations on the ins and outs of how to succeed on social media, providing education and insights into both the technical methods and the strategic etiquette of each unique platform. We would be pleased to tailor a social media training session for your organization’s needs.

We are also pleased to announce the upcoming launch of our new series of group social media classes, aimed at small business owners and solopreneurs– stay tuned for more info!


Each year, we accept a limited number of social media campaign management projects.

Some of them are half- or full-year monthly retainers, focused on building a brand or supporting SEO efforts. Others are special event promotions, in which we are called in for a limited amount of time to boost the visibility of a cause or draw visitors to attend a live event.

In both cases, we focus on setting goals, which we use to evaluate progress throughout the duration of a campaign. Even if we are working on a short-term campaign, we do everything possible to create long-term value in the form of social growth and brand awareness.

We collaborate closely with clients, making sure that we stay close to your company’s values and goals, and we pride ourselves on going above and beyond whenever possible to get results for our clients.

Growing your social media reach isn’t always as easy as it seems. We can help guide you through every step along the way.

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