why wireframes matter to website design

A wireframe is to a website design as a stick figure sketch is to a portrait.

In practice, it only reflects the bare bones of the site… the essential big-picture details.

In reality, it is your opportunity to plan.

It’s the first moment when the architect of the website sits down to visualize the flow of the site.

It’s the minute when they step into the shoes of the end user, imagining what they might need or want to find.

In the end, you create the structure that will be filled in to make something beautiful. Something useful. Something enjoyable.

With wireframes, you can get a sense for where the site is going, and give the client the chance to provide feedback early on. Rather than sinking hours of effort into a beautiful design, the wireframe is the architect’s opportunity to throw ideas at the wall and see what sticks — what really works for the project.

It’s an exciting process, full of opportunity and exploration. Whether you use a sketchbook, a grid lined sketchpad, or software, your wireframe is your first chance to open the door to a creative and user-centered website experience.

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