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One of our clients recently launched a new website (through another company). Since we’ve been consulting on their social media efforts, the first question they had after launch was a logical one: How do I promote my new website so I can get the most value from it?

As I’ve mentioned before, most websites launch with no fanfare. The only sound is the crickets chirping and the keyboard clacking.

But websites are a lot of work, and you should make sure you have a promotions plan taking shape so that your efforts do not go unnoticed.

The best route for doing so is always going to be specific to the business itself, but the options range widely.

You could celebrate with an event of some kind: a launch party, if you have the budget, or a Google Hangout on Air or similar live streaming event if you want to keep it all online.

You could put the word out in your email newsletter, inviting your subscribers to visit and explore and provide feedback.

And of course you can tweet it out, post on Facebook, and generally notify all your social platforms.

This kind of stuff is a given. And it should all be done soon after the website is launched. But the really meaningful parts usually start after the first announcement.

Hopefully, your website was built to be more than just a billboard. Your website design company should have asked you about the long-term marketing features to be built in to the site — things like a blog or a newsletter sign-up.

Ultimately, the best way to promote your new website has little or nothing to do with what you do right after launch. Although a short-term spike in traffic is nice, it’s your long term growth and commitments which matter far more.

Use your new website as a reason to motivate yourself toward implementing an ongoing content marketing routine, or approach an experienced SEO professional about how to start building your website’s presence in search. Start sending out that newsletter on a monthly basis, or launch that YouTube series. Whatever is the most valuable proposition for you.

Websites can be billboards, or they can be marketing tools. But either way, promoting them effectively for the long haul demands more than just a “New site is live!” tweet.

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