Facebook Timeline Cover With Downloadable Template

Your Facebook cover photo is like a billboard for your business page. Yet some businesses select images that are the wrong size, or that don’t represent the business properly for its fans. Attempting to use an image that is too small will result in the cover photo becoming pixelated, and could cause people to leave your Facebook page before even checking out your content.  Since the cover photo is one of the first things your potential fans will see on the page, it is very important to make sure the image is clear and tells some kind of story.

Facebook Timeline Cover Template 2016


This is a great example of a header photo from Rethink Homelessness. Their cover photo gives helps show they work with the homeless, while encouraging others to get involved. It gives the viewer a clear idea of what kind of information they may find on this Facebook page, as well as the idea that there is more than just appears on Facebook. (It’s also worth noting that it is no longer against Facebook’s Terms and Agreements to include a “Like This Page” instruction in your cover photo.)

After your cover photo, your fans are likely to notice your profile photo. This should ideally be your logo or another image that helps to brand your company, since the profile photo appears in your fans’ newsfeed and will be the image that they most associate with your business. When you create your profile photo, make sure you once again choose a photo of the correct size so that it doesn’t appear to be pixelated or have important elements cut off. The size Facebook requires for upload is 180px x 180px, while scaling the image down to display 168px x 168px.

With these two elements in place, you are ready to produce some kick-ass content for your fans. Eventually you may be interested in custom apps to engage your fans and your friends on your Facebook page. Custom apps can also be loaded with custom images for the app button on Facebook’s timeline.

Facebook Timeline Cover Template and Apps 2016


Above you see two images of custom apps, one has the wrong image dimensions. If your Facebook app image is larger or smaller than the correct size it will display like this, with the left and right sides cut off to form a border. When you size the image correctly, as in the two custom app images below, you can get a much cleaner and more professional look.

Facebook Template Download 2016


In this Facebook timeline Cover template

everything is already correctly sized. All you have to do is overlay your image, re-size or crop it to match the replaceable layer’s size, and save it for the web.  I have also listed the most commonly used Facebook images and their dimensions below.

Facebook Cover Photo:  851px x 315px

Facebook Profile Photo (upload size): 180px x 180px

Facebook Profile Photo (display size): 168px x 168px

Facebook App Images: 111px x 74px

Facebook Shared Image (in timeline): 470px x 470px

Facebook Highlighted Post: 504px x 504px

* On mobile devices, upto 150px of the right side of the image may be cropped. Since your fans will see each time you change the cover photo, I advise creating a test Facebook account to test out cover photos before uploading to the real Facebook business page.

Facebook Timeline Template Cover 2016


Download the Facebook Timeline Cover Template
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