Normally website redesigns are launched with little or no fanfare.

Oh, it might warrant a mention in the company newsletter, but that’s often about as far as it goes.

At least, that’s been the trend on the websites we’ve worked on so far. Until today.

Today we celebrated the relaunch of the Central Florida Top 5 blog, a project that Greg and I have been working on steadily for the last six months.

Central Florida Top 5 is one of the region’s oldest blogs, established in 2009 by the great Bess Auer, who went on to found FLBlogCon and now produces year-round events and content with

It’s owned by the wonderful Brian Wilson and managed by the dynamic Jen Vargas, who has assembled an Avengers-like team of writers (including yours truly from time to time) who contribute to the site.

They write about news and events, culture and charity, tourism, food, business and tech… in short, all the things we love about the region.

It’s a great blog. Only problem was, the design was looking a little old:

old Central Florida Top 5 blog website design

So we came in and offered to help them out.

For six months, we worked on revamping the website design, structure, and themes. We hatched plans and sketched layouts and talked about future plans for the blogging team.

Greg toiled and toiled to develop a website that works smoothly and features useful elements that will be exciting and engaging for readers to browse.

And the results launched quietly on May 1st:

New Central Florida Top 5 Website Design

But that was just the beginning.

The amazing Jen coordinated with FunSpot America to host us for a wonderful launch day party today, May 16th.

Central Florida Top 5 Day at FunSpot


There were cupcakes and gators and bumper cars and videos and team bonding and all kinds of other good things. Mayor Teresa Jacobs of Orange County even declared May 16, 2015 as CENTRAL FLORIDA TOP 5 DAY in Orange County!  

Greg and I are so proud to have been able to work with Jen and Brian and the Central Florida Top 5 team on this website redesign project. They truly are out to make Central Florida a better place to live, work, and play, and we are honored to have played a small part in helping them take their next steps in blogging greatness! 

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