#Blog365 update - burned out on blogging

Well, it was bound to happen eventually.

I made it through 148 days of my #Blog365 project without missing a single post. Yes, some of them (many of them) have been posted late at night. One post was even written from a chair at a bar on my phone. But I always made it.

Then last night I went out to the movies, and thanks to an unexpectedly sold-out show which threw off my schedule for the evening, I missed my window to post yesterday.

In case you’re wondering, I’m making it up by posting twice today — this blog post, in addition to an article on LinkedIn about how to escape your email inbox overload (take a peek if you often find yourself in that boat too).

But missing my first post does give me a reason to pause and consider what my first “skip day” means for this project. Specifically, the question is…

Am I burning myself out on blogging?

Since this year began, I’ve had cause to say many times that I do not recommend the “blogging every day” route for most people.

Frankly, unless your primary responsibilities are blogging and maybe consulting, I don’t recommend it for anyone.

The truth is, when you’re doing it right, blogging every day is not just blogging. It’s about making graphics and taking pictures. It’s about research and editing. It’s about search optimizing and enthusiastic social sharing. It’s actually a lot of work. And if you don’t put that effort in, your writing efforts are probably in vain.

I started this project in hopes of re-energizing my writing discipline and my creativity. At this stage, it feels as though I have certainly gotten more disciplined, but not necessarily more creative. My mind is tired and I often feel the need for more creative input than I can absorb on a regular basis.

Make no mistake, I plan to see this year through. I am hoping this is just the “sophomore slump” phase before I can get re-energized to start churning out higher quality content. But right now it looks like 2016 will probably see me back at the far more sane once-per-week posting schedule. Compared to producing 365 posts, 52 articles sounds like a breeze.

On days when your well is running dry, how do you invigorate your own creativity?

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